Submission Guidelines and Suggestions

We get a lot of submissions now at Breakfast, and although we enjoy listening to music sent to us, and endeavour to respond to as much as possible, this is not always possible considering we both work FT jobs and need a bit of downtime every now and again.

So below are some suggestions in formatting and sending across your work if you want the best chance of us checking it out, as well as some notes about how we work, and what we focus on releasing. Thanks for reading!

Essential Guidelines:

  • Please state clearly what you want from us if submitting music, whether it be gig opportunities, or a potential future release.
  • Please only include streaming links to your music. We do not accept download links.
  • Please format and send basic info about your act, including social media profiles where appropriate.
  • Please do not continually spam us, we can’t reply to everything, but we do always respond to submissions we enjoy.

If enquiring about gig opportunities:

  • We plan gigs on average around 4-5 months in advance. This means that while we consider bands for gigs, inclusions on any lineup we host will generally not happen instantly. Please be mindful of this when requesting gig slots.
  • When we announce gigs, the line-up has generally already been finalised. While we don’t mind bands requesting support slots for particular gigs, please understand that such requests are unlikely to be fulfilled.
  • We strive to achieve good cohesion in sound and genre on any line-up. If requesting a gig, it’s worth suggesting what acts you sound similar to, and how you might fit into a particular lineup.

If enquiring about releasing with us:

  • We generally plan releases around half a year in advance. If you have recorded music you wish to release in the next month or two, this is unlikely to be feasible for us. However, if you’re flexible for a release date, we’re more able to consider your submission for release.
  • We’re a publishing label, and generally do not contribute to recording costs. We can however provide advice about recording/mastering.
  • We generally release DIY punk, indie and folk music. If your music is of a genre vastly different than this, its worth considering whether we’re the right label for you.