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Langkamer – Langzamer CD

Their third album in just as many years, Langzamer sees the Bristol-based band further refine their unique blend of slacker rock, alt-country and West Country folklore with a sincere meditation on grief and loss. Decamping to Falmouth to record with producer Ben Woods (The Golden Dregs), the band transformed the old vaults under venue The Cornish Bank into a makeshift studio, spending a week laying down the foundations for an album that had been gradually written over the previous twelve months. This slower, more considered, pace can be heard throughout Langzamer, with the band often trading in their breezy, melodic charm for disarming confessionalism. From scuzzy opener ‘Heart of Tin’ to the sparse, haunting piano of closer ‘Bluff’, there is a candour that challenges any casual listener, an emotional weight that lingers long after the album ends. Amongst Langkamer’s prolific output, Langzamer bravely stands tall as their most restrained, matured, and sincere collection to date.

Check out the music video for lead single ‘Richard E. Grant’ here:


1. Heart Of Tin
2. Aberfan
3. Movement
4. Richard E. Grant
5. Salvation XL


6. Taking Stones To Joe’s House
7. Double Island
8. At The Lake (ft. The Golden Dregs)
9. Flight
10. Bluff

Getdown Services – Crisps CD

We’re very excited to be releasing the debut album ‘Crisps’ from the powerful pair of Getdown Services on the 9th November. Having barrelled through the Bristol music scene the last year, they’re ready to barrel into the shelves of record stores around the UK with their trademark blend of apocalyptic disco, proto-punk, new wave, krautrock and electro.

Having sold out of the first vinyl press, we’ve got all out and put in an order for a limited edition gatefold CD version of the album. Comes with all the Getdown goodness of the vinyl but in a smaller form.



Come On
Cream Of The Crop
Get Back Jamie
The Vortex
Evil On Tap


I Wish It Didn’t Bother Me
Helen Back
Real Big Hitter
Deadly 60
Biscuit Tin
Loosen Your Belt

Langkamer – The Noon And Midnight Manual Cassette

– Limited edition tape of the new album
– Translucent pink cassette
– Totally lit and legit


1. Sing At Dawn
2. Sarah
3. Bread
4. Sailing
5. The Hills
6. We Can’t Take Care Of Each Other
7. Sleepers Two
8. Hatchet
9. Vanity Fair
10. Bryony