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Getdown Services – Crisps CD

We’re very excited to be releasing the debut album ‘Crisps’ from the powerful pair of Getdown Services on the 9th November. Having barrelled through the Bristol music scene the last year, they’re ready to barrel into the shelves of record stores around the UK with their trademark blend of apocalyptic disco, proto-punk, new wave, krautrock and electro.

Having sold out of the first vinyl press, we’ve got all out and put in an order for a limited edition gatefold CD version of the album. Comes with all the Getdown goodness of the vinyl but in a smaller form.



Come On
Cream Of The Crop
Get Back Jamie
The Vortex
Evil On Tap


I Wish It Didn’t Bother Me
Helen Back
Real Big Hitter
Deadly 60
Biscuit Tin
Loosen Your Belt

Langkamer – The Noon And Midnight Manual Cassette

– Limited edition tape of the new album
– Translucent pink cassette
– Totally lit and legit


1. Sing At Dawn
2. Sarah
3. Bread
4. Sailing
5. The Hills
6. We Can’t Take Care Of Each Other
7. Sleepers Two
8. Hatchet
9. Vanity Fair
10. Bryony

SLONK – Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years? is the astounding new album from SLONK, the undefeated champion of indie rock. Set for release on Joe’s 30th birthday on August 27th, this could well be SLONK’s magnum opus, packed with infectious hooks and masterful lyricism. Pick a limited edition tape up via our store before its too late.



1. Postman
2. Erstwhile
3. Colin
4. Paradise Pt. 1
5. Paradise Pt. 2
6. Plant
7. Pulse
8. Strange


9. Eddy
10. Holidays
11. Margaret
12. Tracy
13. Little Todd
14. Opulence
15. Take Your Medicine And Sleep

Half Stack – Wings Of Love Cassette

We’re super stoked to be co-releasing Half Stack’s sophomore album Wings Of Love alongside Forged Artifacts, our first record launch from across the pond. It’s ten tracks of the finest americana, an album truly made for our hearts. Only 25 very limited edition cassettes available.



1. Pit Boss
2. Wings Of Love
3. Country Breakfast
4. Tommy Sweet
5. TOTM2


6. Laguna Seca
7. Bonnie
8. Morning Rain
9. Supercooler
10. Casa Bianca

Green Hands – Nebo’s Dream CD

A limited edition CD of Green Hand’s debut album Nebo’s Dream, out 9th October via yours truly.


1. First Light On Rose Hill
2. Moonraker
3. Priestess
4. Super Zone
5. The Long Weekend
6. Park Crescent (Interlude)
7. I Found A Way
8. Michelangelo’s Brain
9. Beverley
10. Rearranged These Days

Devilled Eggs Compilation Tape

Halloween 2019 sees the release of Devilled Eggs, the latest and greatest compilation from our very hallowed, record filled halls. Featuring some of our favourite artists covering some of our favourite Breakfast tracks from the last 42 months, it’s a unique insight into our back-catalogue and a beautiful representation of the many talented musicians we’ve had the pleasure of working with since our inception.

Accordingly, we’ve pulled out all the cards from the deck and put together something special. Each compilation is not only pressed to a ltd edition tape but also can be combined with a special 250g bag of sustainably sourced, Brazilian coffee beans, courtesy of our friends at Clifton Coffee (see here). With a deep chocolatey finish, they can only provide the perfect accompaniment as you chow down on one of our meatiest releases yet. Only 25 tapes and coffee bean combos have been (printed?) so get yours while you still can!

All tapes come with a download code and the beautiful artwork courtesy of JJ Jarman.



1. Dogeyed – Joint Pain (orig. by Nicholson Heal)
2. Vinegar – Holidays (orig. by SLONK)
3. Katie Pham – Salut Salem (orig. by Human Bones)
4. Swallow Cave – The Earthquake (orig. by Langkamer)
5. Rebecka Reinhard – Audrey (orig. by The Gin Birkins)
6. JASMINE – Dormant (orig. by Emily Isherwood)
7. Langkamer – Infinite Sadness (orig. by Gorgeous Bully)
8. Nicholson Heal – Silver Lake (orig. by Emily Isherwood)


9. Green Hands – Deep Dreaming (orig. by Dogeyed)
10. Vinegar – Hotel Hello (orig. by Langkamer)
11. SLONK – Loserville (orig. by JASMINE)
12. The Ornsteins – Stabiliser Song (orig. Kate Stapley)
13. GORK – Strange (orig. by SLONK)
14. Frank & Beans – Nonsense In Your Sleep (orig. by Rebecka Reinhard)
15. Cagework – Balfron (orig. by JOHN)

Ketibu – Other Tales Cassette

We’re over the moon to finally announce that the 11th of July 2019 will see the launch of Ketibu’s long-awaited debut EP. A bewitching collection of tales told with just four strings and a couple of vocal cords, this EP marks Ketibu out as a true innovator, and an essential new voice in modern alt-folk.

Each tape comes with a download code (and of course the wonderful sleeve art).



1. The Prawn And The Snail
2. Bubbles
3. Tangerine
4. Quantum Entanglement


5. Brown Leaf Big Tree

Dim Vanilla – Twist Cassette

Hej! The astounding Scandinavian takeover of Bristol continues in February with the second installation of Breakfast Records' sweet new Swedish triptych. Offering gorgeous dream-pop washed in sonic shoegaze wonderment, we're overjoyed to welcome Dim Vanilla into the Breakfast fold with their brand new EP 'Twist', released on a beautifully designed cassette with a download code to boat.

Pre-order today to receive the cassette and download for the 18th January, and if you happen to be in the UK on either the 8th or 9th of February, come check out their launch shows in both Bristol and London!



1. Shady Shady
2. Fun Machine


3. Mayo
4. Unfold

Bodega Sisters – Small Worships, Other Noises

We're very exicted to reveal our first international release, the killer Small Worships, Other Noises by resident Stockholm maestros Bodega Sisters. A 3-track tour de force of retro influenced indie, we could not possibly hope for a better release to free us from the small small shores of the UK.

The CD comes as a special four panel gatefold, and a download code in case you're too cheap to get a Spotify subscription. In the meantime, check out the first released track, Our Disco,  below:


1. Our Disco (3.56)
2. Clicks, Cliques (3.44)
3. Cartography II (8.11)

RADIATORS – Clampit Classics CD

We're ridiculously excited to announce the release of 'Clampit Classics', the brand new EP by Bristol garage-punk titans, RADIATORS. Coming out 26th October, it's a six track thunderbolt of fuzz-laden fury that we've had on repeat the past month in the HQ and can't wait to share further with you all.

The CD comes as a special four panel gatefold, with all the garage goodness featured below, and a download code in case you're completely immersed in the technology of 2018. In the meantime, check out the first released track, Hell's Itch,  below:


1. Tyre Kicker
2. Big Mister
3. Hell's Itch
4. Sunday
5. Warm Eyes (Interlude)
6. Bug In The Filter

Something Anorak – Bowling CD

It is beyond our pleasure to announce Breakfast Records will be releasing Bowling, Something Anorak’s incredible sophomore album. 10 radical tracks jam-packed with off-kilter hooks, boisterous rhythms and intense, erratic energy, Bowling captures the nonchalant ingenuity of a band who have truly mastered their craft.

Each CD is housed in a limited edition 4-panel gatefold case, also containing a 12 page colouring book, colouring pencils and a download code for the album. All artwork created by Something Anorak.


1. And In The Current State
2. Heterochromia
3. Pretty Little Box
4. Shake Fist At Sky
5. Now For The Kill
6. Brahminy Kites
7. My Kid
8. Bowling
9. Stupide
10. Purplish Brown