We like to think that every compilation we release is just a little bit better than last. However, the jump from #1 to #2 was sure a big one. Stretching the limits of the humble tape, it spanned more genres than prongs of a fork and featured some later big hitters such as LICE and Fenne Lily.

Sure it’s still a bit rusty. Sure the inevitable heat death of the universe is coming. But you sure won’t waste an hour combing through the tracks for a hidden gem or two.


LICE – Gentlemen’s Magazine
VAN-illa – I’M A GANGSTER (part time)
American Enthusiasm – Rob Boss
Strange Cages – Lizard People
Human Bones – Ghana
OCDiedrie – Diego Lambadoner
Holy Moments – Soft Hands
The Gnarwhals – Big H
SPRINGBREAK – Punk Rock Bitch
Fuzzy Plums – Fuzzy Fruit Song
Umi – Sap Man


Let’s Kill Janice – Trapeze
Fenne Lily – Top To Toe
Jamie Cruickshank – Goodnight Rock
Jackie Changa – Direct Inland Revenue $tream
Green Hands – Birthday Cake
Me, You & Thomas – In A Way
Morgan T. Davies – Ramble On
The Ornsteins – Disneyland Smiles
The Gin Birkins – The Lime Song
SLONK – Hollow