2017 saw no slowing down for Breakfast Recs and at the beginning of the year saw the full launch of The Gin Birkins debut EP, alongside a raucous gig at the now shut down Surrey Vaults (big RIP), alongside RADIATORS and The Gnarwhals.

Wearing all its fuzz, grunge and 90’s power pop influences on its sleeve, The Gin Birkins delivers big melodies and big guitars in equal measure. Our favourites include The Lime Song, Tea Total and Audrey, a trifecta of shoegazey melodies and perfectly timed quiet-loud dynamics.

As always, The Gin Birkins can be downloaded via our Bandcamp. We printed a small run of CDs, one or two of which occasionally pop up on our store. You’ll just have to stay up 24/7 to try and get a copy.

CD Tracklist

The Lime Song
Tea Total
I Knew It
Mary Unfaithful
Undignified Sleep