If there was any artist that should have hit the big times it was The Gnarwhals. Bringing the THPS2 soundtrack back at a time the country perhaps needed it the most, they crafted some of the best throwback skate-punk to ever hit the UK shores.

With a glint of irony in their eyes and baseball caps slightly askew, Pool House was the first ever release we threw onto vinyl and has remained a top seller since. Moreover, the title track forever holds an immortal place in the Breakfast legacy. It’s still not rare to hear an act or two to end their set with it and some say you haven’t truly lived until you’ve crowd surfed to a ten minute encore of its chorus.

Vinyl are still available via our store but go ahead a get a digital download if you fancy from our Bandcamp.


Pool House
Hot Dog


Elissa Steamer
Pool House (Reprise)