Unsurprisingly, our first album release came from the one and only SLONK. Joe Sherrin is well known amongst the Bristol beatniks as one of the most prolific artists the city has produced and Songs About Tanks largely came about from a brief and intense period of songwriting in 2017.

It’s a deeply confessional record but one that has carried forward many enduring hits, most notably Songs About Tanks. While SLONK has only refined his unique orchestral lo-fi sound over the last five years, Songs About Tanks sounds as fresh as ever.

We also crafted a custom matchbox tape with accompanying photobook to mark this special release. However, as expected, they sold out ridiculously quickly. Still, I suppose there’s fond memories of hours spent in the basement gluing bits together and sweating pure frustration.


We’re Both Going To Be Fine
How To Digest Shards
Pathetic Fallacy
China Skis
Walking Backwards


All At Once
Tin Foil
We’re Both Going To Be Fenne (Vocal Mix)