The Breakfast #1 cassette was our first ever release on the label. Featuring a mix of friends, our bands and Breakfast artists in their infancy, it was launched on Record Store Day on the 21st April at Ray’s Pizza in Bristol (we’ve only been back for pizza since).

Needless to say, it holds a fond place in our hearts, even after selling out within the first month, and all the tracks are still available to purchase digitally via our Bandcamp.


Ragged Claws – Cuique Optimum
Don’t Go Plastic – Redial (Man I Hate Your Face)
The Gnarwhals – Pizza
The Plainviews – Charlie Delta
Milo’s Planes – Stampede
The Gin Birkins – Beer Belly Blues
Human Bones – Bone Eyed Children


Rhona Dalling – Walk Me Round
Me, You & Thomas – Winning Again
SLONK – Anchor
Klein – First Night