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Halloween 2019 sees the release of Devilled Eggs, the latest and greatest compilation from our very hallowed, record filled halls. Featuring some of our favourite artists covering some of our favourite Breakfast tracks from the last 42 months, it’s a unique insight into our back-catalogue and a beautiful representation of the many talented musicians we’ve had the pleasure of working with since our inception.

Accordingly, we’ve pulled out all the cards from the deck and put together something special. Each compilation is not only pressed to a ltd edition tape but also can be combined with a special 250g bag of sustainably sourced, Brazilian coffee beans, courtesy of our friends at Clifton Coffee (see here). With a deep chocolatey finish, they can only provide the perfect accompaniment as you chow down on one of our meatiest releases yet. Only 25 tapes and coffee bean combos have been (printed?) so get yours while you still can!

All tapes come with a download code and the beautiful artwork courtesy of JJ Jarman.



1. Dogeyed – Joint Pain (orig. by Nicholson Heal)
2. Vinegar – Holidays (orig. by SLONK)
3. Katie Pham – Salut Salem (orig. by Human Bones)
4. Swallow Cave – The Earthquake (orig. by Langkamer)
5. Rebecka Reinhard – Audrey (orig. by The Gin Birkins)
6. JASMINE – Dormant (orig. by Emily Isherwood)
7. Langkamer – Infinite Sadness (orig. by Gorgeous Bully)
8. Nicholson Heal – Silver Lake (orig. by Emily Isherwood)


9. Green Hands – Deep Dreaming (orig. by Dogeyed)
10. Vinegar – Hotel Hello (orig. by Langkamer)
11. SLONK – Loserville (orig. by JASMINE)
12. The Ornsteins – Stabiliser Song (orig. Kate Stapley)
13. GORK – Strange (orig. by SLONK)
14. Frank & Beans – Nonsense In Your Sleep (orig. by Rebecka Reinhard)
15. Cagework – Balfron (orig. by JOHN)

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