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Breakfast Records are more than stoked to announce our first ever LP release. SLONK’s Songs About Tanks is as raw as DIY acoustic gets, veering between melancholy, despair and fury in equal measure and undoubtedly will be one of Bristol’s highlights of 2017. Special guests include Phillip Collings (Gin Birkins), Jamie Cruickshank (Human Bones, The Gnarwhals), Emily Isherwood (Nugget), Oliver Wilde and Fenne Lilly.

Now reissued on CD thanks to overwhelming demand, and with added bonus tracks!


1. We’re Both Going To Be Fine
2. How To Digest Shards
3. Pathetic Fallacy
4. China Skis
5. Walking Backwards
6. Bridges
7. All At Once
8. Loratadine
9. Tin Foil


10. We’re Both Going To Be Fenne (Vocal Mix)
11. Pathetic (Vocal Mix)
12. Smiling (Crackle LP)
13. Ghost (Crackle LP)
14. Crackle (Crackle LP)
15. Strangers (Pots and Pans EP)
16. Walking Backwards (Pots and Pans EP)
17. Anchor (Pots and Pans EP)
18. Hollow
19. Fine (Original Demo Version)
20. New Partner (Live at Kino)
21. Marin

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