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Langkamer – West Country 12″ Vinyl

After two brilliant EPs released via yours truly, Langkamer finally released their debut album ‘West Country’ on the 10th September 2021. It comes in a variety of editions from standard black to bone white.


1. The Return Of Little Big Man
2. Humdinger
3. Sea Mills
4. The Earthquake
5. Mountain Lion
6. Polly You Should See Me Now


7. Wine Of Wild Orchids
8. Marathon
9. Van Pelt
10. The Ugliest Man In Bristol
11. Acker Bilk
12. Up Shit Creek

Emily Isherwood – Distant Television Studios 12″

It’s been a long time in the works, but Breakfast are thrilled to releasing the debut EP ‘Distant Television Studios’ from Bristol’s own Emily Isherwood, following the release of first single ‘Calibrate’ last year. A beautiful, understated elegy to lost Hollywood, it’s one of our most exciting releases this year, coming in both a limited edition striped cream/pink colour, and a classic standard black.

While both editions are printed especially on 180gsm heavyweight vinyl, the limited edition comes with a special 6-panel comic strip accompanying the lyric insert, and a host of other extras.

‘Distant Television Studios’ is set to be released on the 19th July. Keep your ears to the ground for more upcoming news about launch gigs and the first singles to be released from what will undoubtedly be one of the standout records of 2019.


Side A

1. Silver Lake
2. Dormant
3. In Floral

Side B

4. Posing For Playboy
5. Conversations
6. Tiger’s Coat On A Poacher’s Floor

Jamie Cruickshank – Worn Through 12″ Vinyl

For those not in the know, Jamie Cruickshank is Bristol's soon-to-be-not-so-hidden gem. Not only is he one of the most talented folk artists in the UK, but also a close friend of the label; there at it's genesis and a beacon of support to this day. So it is beyond our pleasure to release 'Worn Through', a 5-track 12″ that includes both all the fan favourites of the past year and a few new jams that beautifully exemplify the contemplative, melancholic fuzz imbued folk he has become so well known for.

Out now, each 12″ comes with a download code, and a special lyrics insert, so you can sing along and probably cry a little along the way.



1. I Can See Totterdown
2. Loserville
3. New Shoes


4. In The Autumn Evening Swoon
5. Between Tall Grass and Sky

Gorgeous Bully – Closure 12″ Vinyl

We're well excited to finally announce pre-orders for Closure, the brand new album by Manchester's Gorgeous Bully. A masterpiece of indie punk, this new LP points Gorgeous Bully in a new direction lyrically, sonically, and thematically, and has been on repeat in the Breakfast HQ since we first stuffed it into our ear canals a few months back.

Comes with a download code, for your digital pleasures. Order now and receive 10th November, or keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements about some very special launch gigs we have in the works.

Preview first single Patience below!


I'll Be True
Infinite Sadness


Can't Give You Up
Without You

Nicholson Heal – Big Jupe 12″ Vinyl, CD & Download

We're so bloody stoked to finally be releasing Nicholson Heal's debut album. More than two years in the making, it's a finely sculpted masterpiece, and for the low low price of a tenner, you not only get the 12″, but also the album on CD and as a download code (just in case all your technology fails at once).


Worse Things
Homespun Shotgun
Fingerprints of a Confident Man
Diving Bell


Lost at Sea (Parts 2 & 3)
Sullen Comfort
Misty K
Joint Pain

The Gnarwhals – Pool House Vinyl

Breakfast Records first 12″ vinyl release, the long-awaited Pool House EP by Bristol's most radical skate-punks the Gnarwhals, is now available!

Cover art by the amazing Aidan Cook.


Side A:

1. Pool House
2. Tequila
3. Hot Dog

Side B:

4. Elissa Steamer
5. Pool House (Reprise)